Real Life Batman in Brazil

Brazilian criminals beware, Taubate has its own version of Batman now patrolling your streets!  Former soldier Andre Pinheiro has been asked by local law enforcement officials to don the Dark Knight’s cape and cowl to quell the recent rise in murder, assault, and overall sexy crime.  And I applaud this move with vigor, but it should also be stated that I applaud any real life superheroes, even the ones who have a near %100 chance of turning up with 16 or so bullets in their back like Andre does (seen dancing in the above video).  It’s not that I don’t have faith in him, it’s that I have more faith in Brazilian criminals whose Salsa Clubs are so violent they make a riot in Arkham Asylum look like a spinster book club meeting.  When someone stabs you down there, but misses a vital organ, it’s actually a sign of affection.  So good luck to Andre and condolences to his widow who I’m sure will be banging his friends mere hours after his likely demise (hey, it’s Brazil, it would be rude not to)!

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